Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Solids and bowls.

I got 2 of the smalles one on top :)

I got a couple of melamine bowls from Rice for Olivia the other day.  I got them because they seemed sturdy, simple and had a lid!  We started feeding solids to her just a few weeks ago and thought it was about time for her to have her own plate, so while walking around Bergen, spotted these and got her two.  I love them and they are the perfect size for her meals.  Oh, I got her some spoons too!!!


  1. OMG, the cutest spoons ever! I just looked at the RICE website...it is beautiful! I have a friend visiting Paris right now, I will email him an "order" (no store in Canada).

  2. I know!! They are amazing! I would be happy to send you and Alice some spoons :) You could me an inbox with your address :):)

  3. Beautiful!
    (Dani, I am off FB, have a new blog, check it out you might like it: www.sweetdreams.blogspot.com)

  4. I know Mia! I miss your little FB remarks!! Looking forward for you to start blogging again ;)

  5. sorry, wrong adress earlier: www.sweetdreamsfromthenorth.blogspot.com

    About my revelations on food for small and big tummies!