Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby with a cold + some nice projects.

Baby's hat, from Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing for Baby. Still a tiny bit big!
My baby has a cold. She sounds like a little piglet when she breathes. It's both funny and heartbreaking. But, she is in good spirits!

It is really frightening when your child gets sick, as mild as it might be. Every "first" for a new mother is a bit frightening. What do you do? How do you help them feel better? Olivia is a bugger machine and she won't let me go near her nose to help her get clean, it is kind of a struggle and she cries and screams as if I was killing her! So, I try to do it when she's distracted, but oh no, she is not "just a pretty face", she knows what's gonna happen and screams and kicks again! So, she is a bugger-face little girl.

Anyways, Since the weather is getting colder here are a couple of nice DIY projects that we are enjoying at the moment.

Baby hat.
 This cool hat took me less than an hour to make.  I used white fleece and grey wool with a couple of ribbons I had laying around.  This is a perfect project for repurposing some old scarfs, sweaters, fleece jackets or anything cozy that you no longer use.  Check your closet before buying new fabric :)  I had some leftovers of the fabric I used and it was perfect.

The second item is a DIY stroller bag, or "voksipose".  This is sort of a sleeping bag that we use here to put in the stroller.  My mother in law made it for us and it is fantastic!  We love it, Olivia sleeps so well in it and it is so warm and cozy that you can be outdoors as much as you want with your baby all snuggled in it.  She used a thick cotton fabric outside and a soft fleece inside.  To stuff it, she altered an old duvet.  We have a lighter "summer-altered duvet" to put inside when it is not very cold. 

Hope you are all enjoying the autumn so far, I know we are, despite the nasty cold.


  1. Que lindo gorrito!!! y se le ve divino (como todo lo que se le pone!!! ) también se nota muy confortable en el cochecito con el saco que le hizo Nina,,, mi Gugis es una chica con suerte .... y me encanta que sepa lo que quiere en lo que se refiere a sacadas de mocos...eso se debe sentir horrible...mejor mocosa y feliz que destaqueada y enojada jajajajajaja muchos besitos a las dos

  2. Oh abuela pepiada y alcahueta! Te queremos mucho mami.

  3. Ok, I will make a smaller pattern for Alice. It looked pretty big in the book but the author said it was initially made for her newborn. Oh well!

  4. I know! Can you imagine the size of the head of that newborn?? An the pain giving birth to him??? Ouch!