Monday, July 16, 2012


Olivia walks!!!!! 

As usual, summer has been incredibly busy.  Or even busier.  I can't imagine why?!?!  Maybe is the fact that we moved in to our new house, or that we have a toddler that climbs, crawls and now walks all over the place and I need to have my 5-6-7 senses alert at all times, or the fact that there are lots of projects going on! Plus I need to sleep and eat and have quality time with my husband.  And skype with my family and GO TO WORK!!! (only twice a week, but still).  Anyways.  I am not complaining, just pointing out that summers are not at all for blogging.  But, here and there, I will be posting some pictures or videos of the little Ms.  I know it is important for many of my close relatives that are away and can't see her every day, so, I will do my best to keep updating.

Olivia is 15 months today!  It is amazing how much has happened in these last year and almost a half.  My baby has turned into a little girl and she is so amazing.  She is funny, and smart, and stubborn, and sweet and warm, and gives us kisses and hugs, and sings and talks to herself, and draws and plays and loves Rafa and most of all her little cousin Iben.  She is fun and I love every minute I have with her.  Very soon, in only 3 weeks, she will start daycare and that will be a new stage in our lives.  I think she will love it!  And I will enjoy having time to focus a bit on myself, but I will miss being with her all the time.  Suddenly our time together will be cut down to only a few hours.  But those hours will be sacred and will be for her.

Anyways, that is what life is around here these days.  I hope you are all enjoying the summer.  Or rainy season in the tropic where I come from.