Friday, September 21, 2012

17 months and some days.

Can't believe it's almost been a year and a half since she came to us.  It really feels like she's always been here.  Olivia is just a tiny, funny, loving, strong, smart and strong willed little monkey!  She loves to sing and dance, draw and paint, climb and stump and fill us all up with kisses and funny faces.  She makes herself seen and knows how to call peoples attention.  She is not shy at all and "speaks" her mind.  She knows what she wants and is clear about what she doesn't want.  I am proud of being her mother because I just couldn't ask for more. 

The dailies?  The autumn is definitely here now.  It's been raining a lot and the temperatures are dropping down (not today, today is beautiful and sunny!).  Now she is finally loving daycare and has so much fun!  She loves especially one of the girls working there and that makes us so happy because we know she is very loved and looked after.  All of the staff at the "barnehage" or kindergarden are lovely, they are so good at their jobs and you can truly see how much they like being there.  She goes generally from a little bit before 9:00 and is there until around 3:45 pm.  I deliver and Jonas picks her up.  After I deliver her I go straight to school and work.  Then try to be home around 4:30 and that is usually when Jonas and Olivia also come home.  From then, we try to enjoy the few hours we have until she goes to bed.

It is really little time the one we have with our children once they start daycare and school.  It is really no more than 4 hours a day.  Two in the morning, but that is for getting ready and eating breakfast and hitting the road, and then, the other 2 or 2 and a half are more to just have quality time.  I hate the thought of it, but there is no other choice.  We do have to work and study and make a living, so, I really couldn't ask for more than to have a place for her where I feel she is being loved, looked after and learning all the good stuff.  And that is exactly what we have.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New starts.

It's been a lot lately.  Olivia started at daycare, I started at school again.  A new project took form and now is actually happening so I am really busy.  Therefore, no time to blog.  But here are some pictures of the last month.  Including the last days of summer and the first day or day care for Olivia.
We had a bit of a rough start, but now it seems like she is enjoying herself and having lots of fun with all her new little friends.  There is still a bit of crying when I leave, but that will eventually pass.  All I know is that she is learning so much and that it is so good for her.  I miss her a lot though.  After 16 months of being together every day all the time, it's like a little piece of me is missing but the moment we get back together again, it's perfection, kisses and cuddles and smiles and hops and all that is good in the world!

First day at daycare


She thinks she's hiding and I can't see her :)

One last summer day.

Mami got a haircut and now we look a little bit alike.


and tired on the way to daycare

with pappa <3