Friday, January 20, 2012

Not much time to blog

my little bean eater <3

So, I'll be short and sweet.  We are having an amazing time!  Our routines are RUINED but, it's ok, we'll get there some day again.  Meanwhile, we are having lots of good times with my family and friends here in San José.  Tomorrow we'll go to the beach, and will be away for around two weeks, just having a good time, visiting more family and enjoying the sun and the weather.  Showing Olivia the ocean for the first time! The BEST ocean!  Our ocean.

Anyways, for the next few weeks, it will be hard to come and blog, but after this vacation, I'll tell you all about our adventures in Costa Rica.

Cheers and see you later!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In a while, crocodile...

In just a few hours we will leave Bergen for 6 weeks and go to Costa Rica to spend some time with my family.  Our journey has started already and we are both terrified and exited to see how it will go on the next 24 hours.  We have a long flight from Copenhagen to New York (ca 8 hours) that makes me a bit nervous (regarding a screaming-tired-not falling asleep baby) but if everything goes as smooth as I have planned (in my head!) then, it will be a piece of cake.  So, jet lag, here we come!
I will try to update as often as possible, but maybe it will be a bit slower on the next few weeks, since we will at the beach, mountain and home having lots of fun and meeting lots of fun people!
Anyways, see you soon and I'll check in here probably once a week.

Wish us luck!

(By the way, my maternity leave is officially over (sad), and Jonas is a full time dad for the next 10 weeks, so, that will be fun (even though we will have to share Olivia with lots of people in Costa Rica).  As soon as we get back, I will start school again and Jonas will have time to be alone with his little girl, go for walks and just enjoy being a dad on his own.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Holidays part 2

(Check out part 1)
24 of December.

Unfortuanally, there are not so many pictures for this day.  It was so busy and fun that we forgot to take pictures! Anyways, Olivia went to sleep almost immediately.  We had, as always, an amazing meal.   Starting with a toast of champagne, then "Pinnekjøtt med raspeballer og kolrabi puré". for dinner  Pinnekjøtt is traditional for many families on Christmas eve, especially in the West side of Norway.  It's lamb ribs that have been salted, sometimes also smoked, and are steamed until tender.  Raspeballer are a mix of potatoes and flour, that are formed into balls.  My father in law is an expert! And you eat them with butter.  Kolrabi is a root! and we eat it smashed.  All with beer and Aquavit, of course!  Then we have fruitsalad for dessert, with an whole almond hidden in it, and whoever gets it, gets a price!  After dinner, we sing around the tree and then we open presents together with coffee, cognac and homemade candy.

Breakfast with pappa.

Note the blue things: Mary, Joseph and JESUS BROTHER! 
made by Jonas when he was 2 or 3, he had just gotten a 
little sister and couldn't believe Jesus didn't have a brother
himself, so he made him one.

On the back, the nice ginger bread skyscraper that
collapsed but was very very cool!

Champagne corc julenisser.

Røkelse. Or, the smell of Christmas!

25 of December
Christmas day.  Playing with new toys.

This day we get together for breakfast.  Then we just have a family day, maybe go for a walk, or just take it easy while we wait for one more dinner at night!

Family picture. Missing some people, but pretty good for an improvised attempt!

Iben's new head phones to isolate sound and go to concerts!!!

New shoes from Cape Town!

Playing with Farfar.

Oxtail consomé for dinner.  Jonas' grandfathers recipe.

Spiced meatballs for dinner.
26 of December.
Second Christmas day.

It is kind of dumb that we all forgot to take pictures that day, but it was a great evening as always.  We went to Farfar's house (or Oldefar for Olivia) (Jonas' grandfather, btw) and Tante Mette made dinner.  We ate deer! It was so, so good! Then we sat around the coffe table and just had a good time with the family enjoying the last day of the Christmas holidays together.  

All in all, Olivia behaved like a champ.  Sleeping all through the dinners, and then, when coming back home, going back to sleep with no hassle.  When woken up to say good bye for the night, she was all smiles and laughs.  Having a new baby, Iben, was great, and we can just imagine how much fun the summer will be.  And now, next Friday the 6th of January, we will be in Costa Rica, starting the new adventure of meeting the other half of the family.  Can't wait.