Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bergen and the rain.

 Bergen in one of the rainiest cities in Europe, all year round! But there is a saying in Norway: "There's no bad weather, just bad clothes", I really love this "positive-I-can-do-it attitude Norwegians have, and it's true, if you are well clothed, you can endure almost any outdoors activity.  For instance, long walks with Rafa & Olivia.  So, good raincoat, rain pants, rain boots are an absolute necessity.  No question. 
Today, my beloved hunter boots said good bye to me, in the middle of a very rainy day out.  We went through a lot together, I wore them almost every single day last autumn, winter and spring!  In the end of my pregnancy, they were about the only shoes I could put on without help (slip in, no laces, nice!), no wonder I wore them out.  They lasted around 3 good years. Today, I went all around Bergen in a desperate attempt to find new ones, the exact same ones, Original Short.  SOLD OUT! EVERYWHERE! SHIT!  Besides, they are so very expensive here in Norway.  Double the price than in the UK.  Are they worth it? Yes they are, every cent! So I found these in a UK website! Tall ones! Good for me!!!!! Now I am ready to tackle the winter all waterproofed!

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