Monday, October 24, 2011

How did we manage before!?

Ok, here comes a rant.  Mainly because I am not in a patient mood.  Also because I am a bit tired and also because its all around!
How did people manage before the internet and blogs?  
Everything becomes so complicated.  I was catching up on some of my daily blog reads and came across an interesting discussion about labels.  EVERYTHING has a label these days: "Attachment Parenting", "Baby led weaning", "Cloth Diaper Exclusive", "Formula fed child", "Breast feeding exclusive", "Cry it Out Method", "Baby wearing", etc.  Quite honestly, it is a little exhausting.
Whatever happened to following your instinct?  I am all up for that.  And, what is so wrong about feeding cereal to babies?  I keep reading about people not wanting to give cereal to their babies.  Here in Norway, that is what they recommend you to start with!  Can someone please explain?  I am giving cereal to Olivia, both oatmeal and rice cereal.  She loves it, and she is gaining weight in the right curve, she sleeps well, hasn't had any stomach problems, enjoys fruits and vegetable and cod liver oil as well.  I don't see anything wrong with it.
There are some very strong opinions out there.  All I know is that every household is different, each child has a different set of needs, not to mention the parents.  What ever works for one baby might not work for the other and whatever works for a mom, might not work for the other either.  So, here is where "to disagree with respect" comes to play.
Baby blogs are a great way to stay connected and in tune of what's going on.   A great source of community and there is always some useful advice out there.  So that is what I take from all this.  But all these different tendencies on how to raise children are a bit too much for me.  I just wish everything could go back to simpler days.

My statment:
  • I do not use cloth diapers, tried them, preferred the disposable ones.
  • I breastfeed and suplement with formula.
  • I don't "wear" my baby all the time and I use the stroller a lot.  She loves it!
  • I believe in discipline and routine.
  • I believe some babies must cry to sleep.  So I am very happy we gave Ferber a try.  After we did, we are all much happier.
  • I do not care for extremes.  
  • I prefer homemade food for my baby.  So I try not to buy pre-made foods.
  • I wish I could buy everything organic but, come on, who can afford that?
  • We do the best we can with what we have, always having the best interest of our children in mind.
  • As soon as I relaxed about being a parent and started following my instinct, I started enjoying it a lot more.


  1. Excellent! You're doing great! I guess the discussion on grains to babies go together with the rest of the carb-discussion. Oatmeal & rice shouldn't be that much of a problem, problem are those grains with gluten...

  2. Thank you girls :)
    And Mia, now it's a bit more clear ;)