Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I will try and follow my friend Eden's steps and make this bread recipe once and for all.  Why wait?

I'll tell you how it went :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


TV time.

What to do with some free time?  Not that I am complaining! I am definitely not! I'm just saying... it is weird to feel so free (?).  I have sort of taken this time as "my time".  I am being selfish and I am enjoying it.  I have some school things, but that is not stressing me at all (the idea is there, now it's just a matter of executing it but that will take no time.)  Besides that, I have been very happy nesting.  Sewing, knitting, framing pictures, washing baby clothes, checking we have all we need, just looking forward to the big day.  I have especially been enjoying my time with Jonas.  Having walks together, going out to eat, going to the movies... just being the two of us (plus Rafa).  Soon we will have a little one that we already love and look forward to meet, but for now, it is nice to sit next to each other, make Sudokus together, dream about the "dream house"...  just be the two of us.  And some times, just be me, by myself.

Friday, February 18, 2011

In search of a cool baby pants tutorial!

There is a very nice baby blog that I read called Unrully Little Things, she posts the coolest baby things and makes me druel like an idiot.  The latest post was about a french store with the most amazing (and expensive) kids clothes, MakiĆ©.  I found many things there, but these baby bloomers and knickers reaaaaally cought my eye.

Then I figured: This should be easy to make!  With the right fabric and the right pattern, I can have them!!!!!  So now, I am on the search of a sewing pattern to make some baby pants or baby bloomers!  Any suggestions???

My mother in law has managed to copy a pair of "Harem pants" we got from my beautiful friend Melina this Christmas, but they are not quite the same.  And since my sewing skills are on level 1 (I can make very nice pillow cases!), the eye for patterning myself is not very well developed yet.  Any help of tips are welcome!!! :D 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do it yourself

Since I moved to Norway and noticed how expensive things are I have been learning to do things myself.  If my husband, almost Dr. Jonas, the economist, would hear me, he would probably laugh and say that I choose materials that are expensive anyway and end up using more time and energy making things that would probably be cheaper if I bought them... and he is probably right, but there is something special about taking the time and making things for your home and people you love.  I love knitting! Jonas and my mother in law taught me how to do it and now I am doing it all the time!  I got a sewing machine for Christmas from our uncle two years ago, and I love playing around with it, and I have become a big fan of the online tutorials for anything that I can find, so any stitch or technique that I don't know how to make, I go to my trusted and search for it, if it is not there, it will be somewhere.  So here is a small display of a few things that I have done recently and some projects I have ahead.

Baby Kimonos 1,2 & 3

 These were all found at a Ravelry, the last one is for a good friend's baby
the other ones are all for our own baby :) 

Now, I have plans to make the baby's room curtains, and some duvet covers, maybe curtains for our bedroom too and what ever else I can think of.  But, it feels like I am on a DIY frenzy... maybe is the feeling that the baby is coming soon and my time will no longer belong to me, so I have to make make make...  Here's a good tutorial that I found at Design Sponge to make curtains that seems easy enough for me.

From the Sewing 101 section.  

Here I go again!

Hi!  Here I am, once again, starting a new blog.  I've had two so far.  But didn't go to far with them.  One was (still is, but it's on vacation) "I want it all, so what?" , the other was more of a family blog for the baby's wishlist (see, my mother was organizing a babyshower in Costa Rica for Jonas and I, so, since we (I) can be quite picky, we decided to make a blog with things we really needed and wanted (especially since traveling from Costa Rica to Norway with a bunch of unnecessary things can be quite a hassle and quite expensive!

Anyways, I want it all, so what? was stressing me out! I stopped it once I learned I was pregnant because I didn't want to become a "mommy-blogger" and "mommy things" was where my mind was at the moment, so, I guess I just decided to give it some time until I became my normal self again.  It's been six months since we found out, I'm almost six weeks away from my due date and I am worse than ever in the mommy mode.  I see so many cool and inspirational things every day!  I decided I will just go with the flow, post a bit of everything and accept my "mommy" mode openly.  Maybe someone will find it inspiring as well.