Monday, October 3, 2011

The autumn.

The autumn is here.  I think this one is the most beautiful times of the year (when it's not raining), the colors are so amazing, the light is warm, it's chilly, you feel change coming.  Autumn is all about change.
I believe we've had some of the most beautiful days lately (if not the best days of the year so far) with warm temperatures, sunny skies and chilly nights.  We've been to long walks and enjoyed every minute.
I haven't been very present in the internet lately, Olivia is keeping me busy!  But all is good.  Our Ferberizing is still working.  Olivia sleeps 11 hours at night and wakes up a happy girl.  She is loving the solids, so far she is very into oatmeal porridge, avocado and banana.  Maybe apples.  She makes lots of funny faces when she tries some new taste or texture, it's hillarious.
Still no turning around in this household but we're getting there.  The interest is definitely present.  It's just that extra kick missing.  But, the time will come sooner rather than later.  On the other hand, sitting is a great success.  The tripod hold is improving nicely!
And now, September is gone, October is in and with that, Jonas and I celebrate our 5th year (first wedding) anniversary.  It was the 29th of September five years ago that Jonas and I were having our wedding appointment (2:20pm sharp!) here in Bergen. The ceremony took 10 minutes!  Only his parents and grandparents as witnesses and at night, a lovely dinner with friends.  That was the beginning of a new stage in our lives.  So, here I am, in Norway, together with the love of my life, and with our almost six month old baby! Who would've thought! Life is good.
He got me these beautiful flowers that I really wasn't expecting! <3<3<3

Anyways, this is a mellow post because I am in a mellow state of mind.  Finally resting after some intense days.  Sitting with Jonas next to me, having a well deserved beer, the house is quite, Rafa and Olivia are sleeping, the TV is on and it's just the two of us for a little while, which is very good.


  1. Felicidades hijos mios, mientras ustedes estan celebrando su 5to aniversario y casi el sexto mes de la preciosura ...yo les envio desde aqui mi eterno amor y agradecimiento por hacerme la mamá , la suegra y la abuelita mas orgullosa y feliz de tooooooodo el ancho mundo...gracias mis amores , ustedes son midicha y felicidad.
    mucho amor de mami