Friday, December 30, 2011

The Holidays part 1


I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas so far.  We have had an amazing Christmas ourselves with all the family together in Bergen for the first time!  You see, Jonas' family is divided between the east and the west of Norway.  The tradition forever has been one year in the East, one year in the west.  But now, the family has gotten bigger!  Meaning that first, Olav and I came to the picture and second, Iben and Olivia came along as well!! So, we have to divide ourselves to see our own families as well, so, then, you know, it is a bit more complicated, since the best would be we didn't have to divide ourselves at all, but, different cities... different countries... different CONTINENTS make us do that.  Anyways, this year the east moved to the west and all the family was together for the first time as I mentioned before.  And most importantly, Iben and Olivia, the two little cousins, enjoyed the holidays together (how cool is it for two girl cousins to be born on the same year??). 

We had to pull some McGiver tricks to be able to fit the whole gang, but with the help of our amazing neighbors Steffi, Yolanda and Anne that let us use their apartments while they were away for the holidays, we managed smoothly.

Jonas' family is one with many traditions.  I love that about them, and I think I have adopted these traditions with open arms.  I thought this "traditions thing" was a Norwegian thing, but turns out, the family I fell into is even MORE traditional (when it comes to celebrations).  Christmas is no different, so, we have had 5 DINNERS IN A ROW starting the 22nd of December (my birthday).

So here are a few pictures of these last days.  Hope you enjoy them!!

22nd of December
Birthday Celebration (I turned 31!)
My two favourite girls in the WORLD!

First of many meals to come.  To start off a bit light,
we have "Svineribbe" or Port ribs with potatoes and 
red cabagge.  Traditional Christmas dinner in the 
eastern part of Norway. Served with beer and Aquavit.

The family (Nicca is behind the camera, babies are sleeping)

Jonas made me a "tres leches", very typical dessert in Costa Rica.

23rd of December
"Lille julaften" or "little" Christmas.

We start the day with walking off last night's meal!

"Rakfisk" or "ROTTEN fish". With beer and Aquavit THANK GOD!
(No, no, no, it is actually pretty good!)

Just had to show the beautiful table and the red painting 
on the back that is one of my mom's and looks AMAZING!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We wish you all a happy Christmas.  We will be here, making new traditions and memories, having lots (LOTS) of meals, lots of family time and lots of fun.  Enjoy these times, because that is what matters, to be with the people you love.

An to my family in Costa Rica: See you in only 15 days!!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas present ambition.

This is Olivia's first Christmas.  We didn't get her anything (except for a very cool T-Shirt!), she doesn't need anything, and she is probably getting some presents from friends and family, so, we decided we will hold off with presents this year, and after Christmas see what else she needs and get it for her.  But I can't not have something for my baby under the Christmas tree... so I decided to knit her a sweater?!?! It is not only super advanced for me, but I also decided to change the yarn and needles recommended, so I am sort of improvising with Jonas' help on the math department.  Geez! Who does this!?

This one to be more specific!  

here is my progress so far!
As if I was going to finish it on time... oh well, I will spend every free minute knitting it so it is done by Saturday.  Wish me luck!  So, I should stop blogging and start knitting while Olivia sleeps!

Friday, December 16, 2011

8 months.

Olivia is 8 months today.  It is amazing and so exiting.  I already miss my little baby but I am loving my big baby now.  She is learning so fast and so much.  Everything is going as it should and she is healthy, funny, smart, and the sweetest-coolest little person in the world.  I adore her and can't think of my life without her anymore.  Everything is just so much better!
Congratulations Olivia!!!!!! Te amo!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Flink is a Norwegian word that means clever, bright, good at something.  It is a fantastic word, and it is very used.  People are very good (flink!) at letting you know if they think you are good at something, and it is a nice boost of confidence when you receive such a compliment!  So, this is a post for my mother in law Nina, who is the "flinkest" and fastest knitter I know!  I had bought some cotton yarn in hopes of knitting Olivia a summer sweater to take to Costa Rica.  Then I realized I would probably not finish it on time since I had already taken on many other projects due Christmas!   So I asked Nina if she could help me out.  That was less than a week ago.  And look!
Tusen takk Nina! Du er så utrolig flink!  Genseren er perfekt og den skal passe en stund!
Vi er glade i deg, Dani og Olivia <3

Thursday, December 8, 2011

By the way...

For those who don't know, I have another blog that I've neglected for the longest time, but now I'm back on track!  Check it out! It is about the non-baby related stuff!  Sort of a playground/dream cloud/brainstorming space/recipe archive/etc!

Feliz cumpleaños mami. Te amo.

It's my mommy's birthday today, so I'm gonna have to write this post in Spanish,  it's what come's from the heart. 

Mami, espero que pasés un día muy especial.  En menos de un mes ya no volvemos a ver y podemos celebrar en persona.  Solo te quería decir y recordar lo mucho que te amo y lo mucho que aprendo de vos cada día.  Para mí, no hay mejor mamá en el mundo, y soy la mamá que soy gracias a vos.  Me enseñaste a dar amor, a que los besos y abrazos nunca sobran, a que uno es más que mamá, es compañera, y una compañera para toda la vida.  Espero ser eso para Olivia como vos lo has sido para mí.  Te amamos con todo el corazón.

Y ahora un regalito:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No, no, no, no!

I have never used that word as much as these past few days.  Since Olivia starter "dragging" herself all around the apartment, it's like a whoooole new can or worms was opened! She wants the fireplace, the cables, Rafa's food, the edge of the sofa, and anything that looks dangerous or dirty!  It is a lot of fun thought (for now).

The chair's leg.


the fireplace!

"Ahí no Olivia! A la chimemea no!" (not there Olivia, not the fireplace!)

An on to some other interesting spot.

By the way, did you notice the gorgeous bloomers she's wearing???? I MADE THEM!!! hi hi.  From Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing for Baby.  They are so cute!  And the sweater still fits!!

Out in the snow.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's already December.  Christmas is only 23 days away!  Olivia's first Christmas!  Today I read a pretty convenient post at Hank and Lucy's regarding the subject of gift giving for the little ones.  Because it is something to think about.  I think, that there should be limits as how many toys they get.  I think part of the magic of Christmas is appreciating that special thing you have wished for a long time.  And if you get EVERYTHING you wish for, then, where is the magic??  So, as Celia wrote on her post, and I agree 100%, 3 or 4 gifts from the parents (as soon as they grow a bit more and can wish for things, before then, there is really no point, right?) is more than enough, but one of the girls commenting said:

Donna said: A friend who is a mum told me that she follows this rule for gifts for her kids: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I think it's a pretty perfect guide! :)

I think it's a great way to live by on these kind of things.  Of course, my daughter is only 7.5 months and I have no clue about how things will turn out once she starts asking for things, but, I think, when you plan ahead and have an idea of what you want for your kids, it's easier to follow, instead of improvising as it comes.  But that's me.  So, for us (Jonas and I), this is a great idea.  For the rest of the family: as long as it's not over the top and excessive (and not too pink or "princessy", please!!!), they can give what they want :)