Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A 1/2.

Olivia turned 6 months on Sunday and I didn't post it!  I am so sorry... but, I meant to.  I've just haven't been able.  But, wow, 6 months.  That is how busy she keeps me!  I don't have too much time to blog these days.  Me free time is used to be with Jonas and maybe clean the apartment a little bit.  Catch up with some sewing and knitting... rest...  Blogging is not first on the list I guess.  But, here I am, telling the world that by baby girl is half a year old and she is AMAZING!!! She just has me head over hills.  Has us, because Jonas can't stop smiling and is also completely in love.  She is the most amazing little person and I can't believe she's ours.  She is funny, determined, social, confident, smart!  We are very lucky. 

This is how our evenings are! Lots of fun!
Rafa, Olivia, Jonas and I.
I love our little family <3


  1. This is an awesome little video. Alice likes food but no "party" like that! So cute :)

  2. such a simple, lovely moment!!! so cute!!! cheers!