Friday, October 7, 2011

Diaper bag dilema.

Since Olivia was born, this has been my diaper bag.  It was my school bag as well, so I didn't think I needed to buy something new.  I really like it, it's practical, neutral, light, fits a lot inside and it is partially water resistant.  Note the word PARTIALLY.  There is no winning with this Bergen weather.  Anyways, Olivia has finally transferred to the "grown up" pram, which is great, she can sit and look out, has lots of space and it is way lighter to stroll than with the newborn bag.  The only problem is, that since she is still quite small, we have the seat almost all the way down, so she is in theory still lying down and that leaves almost no space to reach down the storage space below the seat (that is my only complaint about our stroller).  But, the point of this post was, since it's too unconfortable to put the backpack in the storage space now and it rains a lot in Bergen, we need a waterproof bag that I can hang around the handlebar.  Something neutral, good looking, not too bulky and good quality!  My friend has this one, and I have also been looking at this one in olive green, and they have all of the requirements (although quite expensive), but are there any other recommendations people out there in the world might have?  I would love to hear about other solutions :)


  1. I use the same bag for Alice but I put everything in plastic ziploc bags...and if Alice has a major poop accident, we have plastic bags to put her clothes in :)

  2. And I want a blue (mini) Fjällräven for G! On top of "his" Christmas wish list. A has a read one, and yes I have noticed the waterproof problem after they had been to the woods in pooring rain...her food was just a little bit wet...

    Don't buy anything too expensive, if it isn't something you think you can use still after the stroller stage.

    I've used a Marimekko backpack since G was born (to keep hands free when having to carry them both up to forth floor). It's been great, a lot of space, water proof, and wuite stylish. Now I continue using it for my own books.