Friday, December 30, 2011

The Holidays part 1


I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas so far.  We have had an amazing Christmas ourselves with all the family together in Bergen for the first time!  You see, Jonas' family is divided between the east and the west of Norway.  The tradition forever has been one year in the East, one year in the west.  But now, the family has gotten bigger!  Meaning that first, Olav and I came to the picture and second, Iben and Olivia came along as well!! So, we have to divide ourselves to see our own families as well, so, then, you know, it is a bit more complicated, since the best would be we didn't have to divide ourselves at all, but, different cities... different countries... different CONTINENTS make us do that.  Anyways, this year the east moved to the west and all the family was together for the first time as I mentioned before.  And most importantly, Iben and Olivia, the two little cousins, enjoyed the holidays together (how cool is it for two girl cousins to be born on the same year??). 

We had to pull some McGiver tricks to be able to fit the whole gang, but with the help of our amazing neighbors Steffi, Yolanda and Anne that let us use their apartments while they were away for the holidays, we managed smoothly.

Jonas' family is one with many traditions.  I love that about them, and I think I have adopted these traditions with open arms.  I thought this "traditions thing" was a Norwegian thing, but turns out, the family I fell into is even MORE traditional (when it comes to celebrations).  Christmas is no different, so, we have had 5 DINNERS IN A ROW starting the 22nd of December (my birthday).

So here are a few pictures of these last days.  Hope you enjoy them!!

22nd of December
Birthday Celebration (I turned 31!)
My two favourite girls in the WORLD!

First of many meals to come.  To start off a bit light,
we have "Svineribbe" or Port ribs with potatoes and 
red cabagge.  Traditional Christmas dinner in the 
eastern part of Norway. Served with beer and Aquavit.

The family (Nicca is behind the camera, babies are sleeping)

Jonas made me a "tres leches", very typical dessert in Costa Rica.

23rd of December
"Lille julaften" or "little" Christmas.

We start the day with walking off last night's meal!

"Rakfisk" or "ROTTEN fish". With beer and Aquavit THANK GOD!
(No, no, no, it is actually pretty good!)

Just had to show the beautiful table and the red painting 
on the back that is one of my mom's and looks AMAZING!

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  1. Que maravilla de familia, todos tan cool, me encanta verte tan realizada y tan feliz.
    Iben es una muñeca!!! y Olivia me sorprendió con esos primeros pasitos...La comida ni hablar, aqui tengo el tarro de babas a mi lado.
    Me encantó como la pintura se ve en el comedor de Nina y Tom...besos para todos y LOS VEO EL VIERNES!!!!!!!!