Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas present ambition.

This is Olivia's first Christmas.  We didn't get her anything (except for a very cool T-Shirt!), she doesn't need anything, and she is probably getting some presents from friends and family, so, we decided we will hold off with presents this year, and after Christmas see what else she needs and get it for her.  But I can't not have something for my baby under the Christmas tree... so I decided to knit her a sweater?!?! It is not only super advanced for me, but I also decided to change the yarn and needles recommended, so I am sort of improvising with Jonas' help on the math department.  Geez! Who does this!?

This one to be more specific!  

here is my progress so far!
As if I was going to finish it on time... oh well, I will spend every free minute knitting it so it is done by Saturday.  Wish me luck!  So, I should stop blogging and start knitting while Olivia sleeps!

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