Thursday, December 15, 2011


Flink is a Norwegian word that means clever, bright, good at something.  It is a fantastic word, and it is very used.  People are very good (flink!) at letting you know if they think you are good at something, and it is a nice boost of confidence when you receive such a compliment!  So, this is a post for my mother in law Nina, who is the "flinkest" and fastest knitter I know!  I had bought some cotton yarn in hopes of knitting Olivia a summer sweater to take to Costa Rica.  Then I realized I would probably not finish it on time since I had already taken on many other projects due Christmas!   So I asked Nina if she could help me out.  That was less than a week ago.  And look!
Tusen takk Nina! Du er så utrolig flink!  Genseren er perfekt og den skal passe en stund!
Vi er glade i deg, Dani og Olivia <3

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