Saturday, July 2, 2011

I wore high heels tonight.

Tonight I went on a date night with Jonas on a 5 course dinner with wine included.  He got it as a present for his PhD, so, we decided to go out while my mom was home babysitting Olivia.
Let me tell you, it was great to go out, to have a nice dinner and perfect wine to accompany each dish.  It was nice to see our friends after.... it was all nice.  To be with Jonas alone, to dress up, to feel pretty, to be out and about.  With the perfect babysitter.

It was aweful though, to come home to a hungry baby that I can't comfort with my breast.  Because the bottle is just not the same... so, next time... I will think twice.  Maybe she doesn't need me as much as I need her... maybe she is just happy just as well.  Maybe it's harder for me than for her.  

Oh well, just needed to vent while my husband tries to rock Olivia to sleep...
Anyways... good night.

Ps: Just to clarify, we usually complement breastfeeding with formula because we need to.  So I am all up for formula because we have a happy healthy baby that eats both.  And tonight was no different, I just couldn't nurse her to sleep like I usually do.  And as I finish this post, she is sound asleep in her bed after Jonas danced and singed for her.

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