Friday, July 29, 2011

Just us two girls.

Jonas is working full time, Rafa is at the summer house and my mom went back to Costa Rica on Wednesday.  It's just the two of us for eight hours a day.  I had forgotten how it felt to be alone with a baby.  It is hard!!!! But beautiful.  
My mom's visit left us with a sweet taste in our mouths.  She was so caring, loving and respectful that we barely noticed that two months went by.  We miss her already, but she taught me so much about being a mother that I am also happy to try things on my own.  Time flies and in just a few months, we'll be in Costa Rica with our family for a while.  Enjoying the sun and showing Olivia the other part of her culture and the rest of her family.   I can't wait to introduce her to her grandfather Memo and to her uncle Memo (tihiii XD). 
Anyways, for now, we'll enjoy each others company, go for long walks and discover the world one day at the time.  It's not an easy task to entertain a three month old, and I know, it definitely doesn't get easier as they grow because the demand more energy the older they get, but, I will get used to the everyday life.
Today, out to town to look for a proper raincoat that I can walk on with the pram all autumn! Any suggestions???

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  1. It is the hat!!!! She is super adorable :)
    Um, good point. I also need a raincoat!
    Alice loves when I read her stories. I make silly voices and she smiles at me all the time. We also go for walks and sleep...we like to sleep ;)