Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 Handmade headband by my mom, overalls by my mother in law who is an 
amazing knitter, blanket made by our lovely friends Katrine and Julie and the shoes by yours truly!

I can't believe Olivia is 10 weeks and a half already.  Amazing!  She pouts and smiles, makes lots of noises, kicks and punches, is growing so much and now fits her clothes so well!!!  Now she is officially sleeping through the night (in her own bed), today I woke up and SURPRISE, it was 7:30 am! So life is good.

I still face some difficulties, like establishing a sleeping routine, or teaching her to fall asleep on her own, but that will come in due time.  I really would like her to sleep earlier so I can have some alone time with Jonas, right now she has a nap at around 7pm, then wakes up all energized and doesn't go to sleep until after her last feed at 10ish pm.  Then she sleeps for six hours or more, which is great.

Anyways, summer has been great, a bit rainy, but we just enjoy the time we have, taking walks, making hand crafts at home, going to the cabin and eating good meals.  I am finally enjoying cooking again and that makes me really happy (and Jonas as well).

The days with my mother here have just been wonderful, not only has she helped me
a lot, but to see them bond and to be three generations of girls together is just so
nice... I learn so much from her and she learns from me too. 
(The blanket was knitted by my stepmom Rocío, Olivia loves it and I do too!)

 Mom made Olivia a painting, she says it's Olivia with eyes like stars.  
It made me cry... hormones... or maybe not... maybe it just made me cry :)

Here with her great grandmother!

 And with her great grandfather.  Summer days in the cabin is just that,
being together with the family and enjoying the time together.  Moments 
like these are priceless.

When the sun shines, we go out for long walks.

And finally, this is the latest project, people keep asking if Olivia is a boy, 
of course, it doesn't bother me at all, I do dress her very "gender neutral", 
but sometime it is nice to see my little girl, so here she is, with a pink body 
she got from a friend and with the flower headbands my mom and I made her.

*Shoe pattern found in Ravelry and overall pattern and yarn bought in Nøstebarn.
The headbands are our own design but the patterns for the flowers were found at Tipnut.


  1. Olivia is such a lucky girl, love the painting! :)