Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home made improvisation.

She was almost happy with her new home made Ring Sling.  Perseverance is the word.

And speaking about perseverance, there is NO way she'll take a pacifier and believe me, we've tried every kind in the market, so I decided to follow my good friend George's advice and offer her a cozy blanket.  Great success!!!! Thank you George!!!!!!  It's perfect because she loves grabbing anything in front of her and putting it in her mouth, so, a blanket is just the right soother for her (I made her two, in case she looses one!!! My very clever mother suggested that).

 Made with an old t-shirt, some micro-fleece and leftovers of ribbon and fabric. I made 2 squares, 
sew them together with zig-zag stitch with some fun color thread.  Then made a sort of head and 
stuffed it, tied it with a ribbon. Also patched two hearts :)


  1. Alice got this bear "blanket thing" that she always put in her mouth...she really enjoys it :) The one that you made is super cute.

  2. Thank you!! She seems to like it a lot, and I got rid of fabric leftovers!!!

  3. This is the best solution you could ever find. Since the true parental test is not how to introduce the pacifier but how to get rid of it... You're better off without it. Make sure you have a double set of the blankets, in case it gets dirty or lost...