Sunday, July 31, 2011

My newest obsessions.

Olivia is 3 and a half months, she's amazing, I love her to pieces, makes me the happiest woman, etc...  I love you cosita!

Now, I need to share this recipe ASAP! It is by far the best summer salad and I am completely obsessed and could eat it EVERY DAY!

"My Summer Salad!"

Ingredients: Ruccula, spinach or baby spinach, strawberries or peaches
or strawberries and peaches, avocado and parmesan cheese
(I can guess that adding a good Serrano can only make it better)


French dressing: 1/2 tsp dry mustard, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, 
1 tsp Maldon salt (or sea salt), 1 spoon 5% vinegar, 3 spoons soy oil.

My other new obsession is Pinterest, I can't stop pinning!  But then again, a girl needs some handy activities while breastfeeding, I mean, not that not love staring at Olivia, but after a while, I need another activity so my neck gets a bit of movement! So, there, that's what I do while I nurse.  I pin! And blog sometimes.  But pinning is easier than blogging when I only have one hand available :D
Have a happy Sunday and a great week!!! We are going to the summer cabin where there's no Pinterest of Blogger.  We'll catching crabs, eating delicious meals, picking up blueberries and spending our time  the rest of the family.

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