Friday, June 10, 2011

When? How?

I have to admit, this passed 7 weeks have been wonderful regarding sleep (compared to what I hear and read around the internet).  Olivia slept through the night since she was quite tiny.  I mean through the night as in 4.5 to 6 hours at night, starting at 11 pm.  That was heaven.  I used to feel other sleep deprived parents wanted to shoot me right then right there when I told them about my good fortune.  There were other downs during the day, but it was manageable since I was well rested.
Last week, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we had a busy week, with lots of outings and activities.  After that, things haven't been the same.  Olivia started waking up every three hours at night to feed or just because she was fussy.  It has been quite exhausting I have to say (and I know, some others have it worst, but it is not a competition on who has it worst than who, even though some new parents seem to believe everything IS a competition).
Anyway, I guess this post is mostly to get some advice.  Every transition is so difficult!!! How do you get your baby to sleep in their own bed, and to get themselves to sleep? (without nursing, rocking or bouncing???) When is the best time to do it? Any tips would be wonderful!!

As for right now, I nurse her to sleep at night, around 10pm (falls asleep at around 11:30-12), then move her to her bed, and she sleeps there for a while until 3:30-4am,  then, we move her to our bed to nurse and we fall asleep together... I know, it's baaaaaad, but moving her just wakes her up and then it is a nightmare to put her back to sleep, it takes forever and then it is time to nurse again... We are trying to start a night routine now... at least that is a first step. Any advice? How and when did you do it??


  1. nice blog:) invite me, FOLLOW??

    <3 kisses

  2. What a cutie-pie :)

    I nursed Jenny to sleep as long as it worked, thereafter we rocked her to sleep, and when that didn't work any longer - well, we had to make her fall into sleep by herself. Against her own will (there was some crying involved...). I think she was 7 months by then. She slept in our bed until then. So I guess I'm not the best example for giving advices...

    The good thing is that she's falling asleep all by herself now, so we got what we wanted at the end :)

  3. Hi Cecilie!!! It's haaaaard isn't it??? I'm glad it is working out now, I guess sometimes you just have to follow your heart right?

  4. I guess so :) Do what's best for you - I think that's the best recipe you'll get ;)

    (And yes, it's hard! I still think about sleep much of my time awake ;) )

  5. Gooood to know we are not alone!!! I will keep track of this post, since my baby is just one month old, I better start gathering up some advice!!

  6. Exactly Mandarina, y de eso se trata! De acompañarnos y compartir experiencia, porque esto de ser mamá, se aprende día con día.