Monday, June 13, 2011

It's summer and she is 8 weeks.

It's summer in Norway and our first summer with Olivia.  There are so many things to celebrate: the fact that my mom is here with us and gets to experience this great time of year with us, the sun, the summer house, family dinners, grilling, long walks, strawberries, rhubarb, the terrace, so many things.
This was a family weekend, and our first weekend at the summer house.  It wasn't so warm, but when the sun was shinning it was just delicious.  We had our first glass of white wine outdoors, and just enjoyed doing nothing.  
Olivia is just charming her way around, being just smiles and little sweet sounds.  She is back to sleeping better and we are very happy about that.  After a lot of thought, we came to the conclusion that instinct and first hand advice has been our best tool.  So, the books are put away for now, and we will just follow our hearts and try to do the best we can.  Anyways, it is all about enjoying your child, right?  And that is what we want.  To enjoy her.

As a costarican, I never quite made a difference between the seasons.  We have a long rainy season and a shorter dry season.  Ideal weather, some may say.
When I moved to Norway, I truly started enjoying each season for what it is (I have a limited love for winter and long rainy fall though).  When the spring arrives, I feel new energy, I feel like I have so much ahead.  Olivia was born in the spring, and now we have all summer ahead, and that is just fantastic.

 Yes, these are breastfeeding pics, and I am quite proud of them!
It has taken me a lot of "pelotas" to post them, 
but I think it is basically what I have become: Olivia's life source.

And Rafa, what a happy little dog, this is his favourite place on earth! 
Him, his friends and a frisbee.

*ps. all the pictures on this post except for the first one goes to my mom, Gisele Arias M. *


  1. very nice pictures and it is so cute that you two have matching tops :)

  2. Thank you Claudia!!! My mom has been our official photographer since she arrived, so I'll pass her the compliment :)