Sunday, May 8, 2011

3 weeks.

Olivia turned 3 weeks yesterday.  It's amazing how much I can see she has grown in these last days... and how much (and how little) has happened.
This week I officially fell in love with our baby.  I know it sounds bad, but it takes time to get used to the whole situation.  I loved her the moment I saw her, even before, when she was in my belly.  I loved the idea of her, I loved her always, but I fell in love with her this week.  That is big.  This week came that overwhelming feeling of love, that painful and bigger than life love.  I can't get enough of her, even when she murders my nipples when she's breastfeeding. 

 One more new thing we tried this week: the "vippestole" (I have no idea 
of the name for this thing in English or Spanish!  One of the perks of having
a baby in another country with another language, all babytalk is done in this 
new language).  She was happy for a little while... then she had enough.


  1. My darling little one! And she has your lips!!!

  2. ya verás que cada día te enamoras más, tanto que el corazón no te cabe en el cuerpo :)

  3. Felicidades Daniela!!!! Me muero por conocer a esa princesa... definitivamente que le cambian la vida a uno.

  4. Oh yes baby! same happened to me, at the beginning it was all stress of being able to handle the whole situation the right way, family having high expectations on you, the pain of recovery... and yes, my God, the nipples! But love grew a few weeks after once we started getting used to it, and its been so intense ever since, growing immensely everyday, I had no idea love could grow this way for a little person, I didn't know I could love this much! I'm so happy for you my dearest friend!!! Enjoy this LOVE!