Friday, April 29, 2011

Home alone (just for some hours)

This is the end of week 2.  There are many things that I've learned in just a few days, for example, Olivia is a "cluster-eater" which means that she eats all the time, for longer periods of time in some parts of the day, then has longer stretches of sleep, in our case, at night.  
I have also gotten better at breast feeding.  This is for me the toughest part of all this adaptation process.  It was painful, it no longer is.  It was uncomfortable, it is better now.  I definitely understand how some women want to through in the towel and stop it all together... I am just glad I stayed in course because I know this is the best for my child.  We've been out on walks everyday enjoying the sun and taking Rafa with us.  Actually, the days fill themselves up with small tasks that require my full attention.  All I can say is, it's been tough... but manageable.

The one thing I miss the most is Jonas.  He is back to work and it was so scary to do this without him here with me all the time.  I know I've managed well, but everything is so much easier and brighter with him around.  He is just simply my favorite person in the world.

I love you Jonas.

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  1. Ah dani, I sympathise so much.

    Breast feeding is really challenging to start with - I called Asher Masher for the first few weeks because of what he did to me! It definitely does get easier, better and is actually quite hard to give up! It is amazing that you are the only person on earth that can give Olivia what she needs. Its pretty good for weight loss too - tis awesome to be able to eat as much as you like and just keep on loosing weight!

    Also know what you mean about Jonas - I really didnt think I would survive without justin in the beginning - he's still important! But in the beginning you just need so much help and support (emotional and physical).

    Nice that clever little Olivia cluster feeds and then sleeps ong stretches at night - wooohoooo! I didnt know they made them like that.