Sunday, May 15, 2011

4 weeks.

What has happened these last 4 weeks with Olivia:

  • Nursing gets easier day by day.  We also are complementing breastfeeding with formula since she wasn't gaining enough weigh despite the 24/7 feeding frenzy the past few weeks.  Now, she's happy, more satisfied, more regular, sleeps longer, is growing at a great pase and most importantly, mommy is happy and able to eat breakfast and shower!
  • She still sleeps long stretches at night THANK GOD!
  • I am very happy I have taken my time to do things at my own rhythm, which means that I have been very close to home and haven't been very social, but, I figure that this is the time to do things my way and take my time.  I am learning new things every day and my only job at the moment is to be a mom, feed and care for my baby, so, that is what I am doing guilt free!
  • We had some trips to town in the bus!  Some successful, some... not so much.  Anyways, everything takes longer to plan and to do, and when you finally arrive to your destination, it's time to feed or change the diaper... so, going to town: not so attractive at the moment.
  • I am not in love with breastfeeding, I find it boring to tell the truth, but, when I am not nursing and it has been around 2 hours, I miss doing it... talk about contradictions.
  • I am not so comfortable with breastfeeding in public, this is just because I am shy that way.  But I have been making the effort of doing it despite the fact that I am terrified by it.  I don't want to be limited by this.  I want to be able to do it wherever I go, and I think I am slowly getting more comfortable and more "elegant" with my nursing techniques, so soon will be time for me to adventure myself to the city more often and meet my friends for coffee or lunch again!
  • First car ride: piece of cake! She loved it on the way there, cried a bit on the way back, but with the help of some baby music that we got from our lovely friends Marthe, Lasse and Oskar, she stopped crying and enjoyed it again!.  
  • First party: piece of cake as well!  I managed to nurse, change diapers and socialize!  Oh, and eat cake!  I have to say, she also managed to charm the crowd just being cute, and met a couple of very cute friends: Oskar and Sverre!!!!
  • Jonas as always: our rock!  We love you!!
  • Rafa: still behaving like a champ!  Always being sweet and looking after her.


  1. Wow it's such a whole new experience. I realize now that whenever I see a mom with her baby I assume somehow she's like an expert but never think it could be her first "job". Brave and beautiful. Congrats Dani! This is an excellent initiative of yu, to share the whole experience and pics of that beautiful doll!
    I always read your blog :) and love it!


  2. Ha! I remember my first trip to town; A one week old. Me trying to breastfeed at the nursing corner of a store in town; milk splashing everywhere and I panicing asking for hubby's help! On the way home, daughter turned hysterical again in the car and we just parked somewhere so that I could continue feeding. But both she and I survived and I became a very mobile mom with a very social girl. Keep up the good work, you'll get a hang of it soon!

  3. Love your comments!!! Thank you for the feedback! It definitely encourages me to keep on sharing!
    Gracias chicas, se les quiere! Besos enormes.

  4. Proud of you honey! And now she looks like Jonas as well.....