Saturday, April 9, 2011

One man's trash, another man's treasure!

Today was flea market day at Haukeland Skole, the local school close to our apartment.  
I understand now why the little one hasn't come yet! She just wanted me to find all these treasures!
So, even though I am still "with child" (over a week late now), it is a great day! The sun is shinning, we found many nice things and we are just enjoying our time together.

2 vintage night tables.

Great textiles! There's 100% wool, good cottons 
and nice vintage woven fabrics in that pile.

...and, a great new wool carpet for our bedroom!  Rafa seems to like it.

So, I'm trying to stay positive and happy to have the time, even though we are dying to meet little "O".


  1. DAni, tenes que venir a decorar me casa. ;-)Suerte y espero que venga pronto la bebe!

  2. Jaja, muchas gracias! I'd be honored! <3