Monday, April 4, 2011



Arrabiata means angry in Italian.  It is also the name of a very nice sauce for pasta.  I think it is originally from Rome.  Anyways, that is what it's for dinner tonight.  I am not saying I am angry... but I am going a little insane, which at times, makes me a bit angry I have to admit.
I am 40+ weeks pregnant.  My due dates were last Wednesday, and last Saturday (I have 2 different ones from 2 different ultrasounds).  Anyways, I know it is very normal to be late, and I am trying to be patient, but I really really want to meet this little girl!  It's killing me! I want to hold her, kiss her, smell her, cuddle with her, not sleep, not have any time, I want the pain of labor, I want the sleepless nights, I want it all... now!  So I am willing to try EVERYTHING!  Every myth!
So today we'll try some of the most popular ones: walk, eat spicy food and eat pineapple.
Jonas will soon be home from work, and we'll take a loooooooooong walk with Rafa, after that I will come and make pasta arrabiata (with extra punch) and for dessert, a whole pineapple!  I already took a walk this morning with Rafa, and even though it wasn't so long, I tried to make it intense.  Then I cleaned the bathroom, organized some bookshelves, rearranged the wine bottles into a safer place, vacumed the floor, cleaned the kitchen, watched a bad movie and repacked my bag for the clinic.  So I have kept myself busy.

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