Monday, March 21, 2011

Rafa and the baby.

Rafa had a birthday, he turned 3!!  We are both exited and anxious to see how he reacts to the baby.  So far, he's been the baby of the house, and even though we do our best to treat him like the dog he is, and give him discipline, exercise and love, he is pretty stubborn like the terrier he is.  He is good with children but there have been some episodes, so, we went to a behavior specialist here in Bergen and have been trying to follow a training program as well as a detachment program, so he understands that he needs to be more independent.  So far, we have noticed a difference in the way he behaves at home, he is much better with guests and is more quiet and relaxed.  He is also much better at being alone for periods of time.  He still sucks when it comes to meeting other dogs on the street....  We'll see.  Will they become best friends??? We sure hope so.  That would be the greatest thing!

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