Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cloth diapering... (update below)

Prefolds starting pack from Nøstebarn

 We have decided to give it a try and use cloth diapers.  We do not intend to do it the 100% orthodox way.  We understand that it might be more comfortable to use disposables in case of trips and holidays with no washer available.  But, while at home and on an everyday basis, we will give it a try.  We know it will be extra work, but having a baby is all about routines, right? The cloth diapering world is pretty big, with lots of choices (another nightmare just like choosing a pram), with choices ranging from the good old prefold that our parents used with us, to an all in one super cute with amazing designs diaper, which is almost like a disposable but you through it in the washer.  Most of the advice I read is to go with the simplest, being the cotton prefold with a cover because it dries faster and you can buy a whole bunch with out spending too much...  We also read about using wool shorts as covers because they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter and super absorbent.

 But there is the PUL (which I suppose is a poliester cover material with lots of absorbency) cover that is light and fresh...  Aaaah, a nightmare to choose!

 Any advice on the matter?  Recommendations are very welcome!
Here's what we ended up doing.  We (I) started to freak out about not having diapers for when the little lady comes, I mean, it could be any time now.  So, we bought our stash yesterday following our new acquired parental instinct. 

We got:
I have to admit, I am very proud we took this road.  We always have the possibility of using disposables when we are away or in case of a long trip, but, day to day, we feel like we are collaborating with the planet, helping our baby's bum stay rash free and just making ourselves get into the routine.  I mean, our mothers did it and survived right?  So why can't we? I'm sure my friends and family from Costa Rica will think I'm crazy and I am complicating myself by doing this, but here's my answer:  we have no maid, no car, share a washing machine with others, do everything ourselves, so yes, it might seem like much, but, we still have to wash so we just do it more often, we spend much less money in diapers and avoid having to run to the supermarket when we accidentally run out, the system is not more complicated, the only difference is that they are reusable, they are better for the baby's skin, damage the environment way less, are super cute and last all the way through potty training.  We even get money back (40% of what we spent) from the community for not using disposable diapers.  Why not? I say.  So we ended up spending less than 180 USD for diapers that will last us more than half way to potty training. 

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  1. I say go go for cloth diapers! Im sorry for not responding earlier, but I can see you chose the right way without my advice...;-) We use Applecheeks with Tirild - and it works sooo fine! Yes, we have to wash clothes more often, and spend some time folding the newly cleaned diapers, but that's about the only minus. And in your list of good things, you forgot the possibility of using the same diapers for your next baby as well - to be an even better friend of our planet (as well as its money saved)!
    By the way, it seems you have a good amount of "diaper stash" - perhaps I would have a few more covers... We bought a "starter kit" from Applecheeks with 12 covers and 36 prefolds - but that was way too much... And now we use Applecheeks size 2 an it works out fine with 6 covers. But you'll see how it works;-) Anyway, good luck and enjoy a very good choice of diapers!:-D