Monday, March 21, 2011


How nice to finally wear other than my Hunter boots!
This was a lovely weekend!

One and a half weeks away from my "due date", although, Jonas says that the first date we got on the very first ultrasound was the 30th of March and that according to experts, it is way more accurate, because the growth of the fetus at 12 weeks is more regular than later on, so they can predict more precisely.  If that is the case, then I am only 9 days away from due date.  Either way, she'll come whenever she wants to come, or whenever she feels ready.  All the same.  I just want to meet her now!!!  I think we all do.
In the meantime, I've kept myself busy, trying not to have to much free time on my hands.  I started maternity leave 2 weekends ago and since then, time seems to go veeeery slow, but looking back from today, it seem like it flew!

Our friends, Cecilie and Anders, came to visit with food included.
They made us a lovely duck pie.  We made dessert: "Pioneer Woman's Tiramisu".  
Great night, great company, great food.  Gotta love our friends.

I've been sewing, cooking meals to freeze for when we are to busy to do it, practicing some yoga and hypnobirthing techniques, hanging out with Jonas, visiting the family, hanging out with Rafa,  walking with Rafa while listening to cool audiobooks, hanging out with friends that come visit me, working on my piece for the exhibition in April (almost finished!), cleaning up my working space at KHiB, cleaning up at home....busy, busy, busy!

Latest baby project, a tiny bubble summer onesy, made from
a scarf I found on sale at HM.  I just improvised, no pattern.
I have been also making baby pants and bloomers for friends, 
curtains for our bedroom, some birthday presents and having 
fun with the good ol' sewing machine.  I LOVE IT!

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