Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby bubble pants tutorial.

My machine is now fixed!  Which is great because I can continue with my self-teaching and with my nesting while the little one comes.  It's only 4 weeks to my due date now, so it's getting closer, more exiting, and also heavier.

I made this pants for a friend's baby boy, and I will give a few step by step pictures of how I made them.

The first step was to copy the pattern.  This is how I did it:  I took some baby pants that I had and liked  and contoured them into a piece of paper.  Then I just extended the sides 2 more centimeters and cut the pattern.

This patter paper cut was for a newborn size, so for the pants I am 
making now, I extended myself even more so they would be extra
puffy and a bit bigger so the baby can use them longer.  
(Fold fabric in 4 or place 4 pieces of the same size and copy the 
paper pattern on top, then cut)

You will have 4 sides that mirror each other.   Put together
2 and 2 (right sides facing each other) and pin the top curved part.

Now, zigzag the very side (to keep neat). This step 
will be repeated on every side that needs to be sewed.

This is how it will look after you 
have sewn the side.

Now do the other side and when done, place the 2 sides 
right sides facing each other. Pin them together, except 
from top and the bottom of the legs.

After pinning, sew the sides, just like this. 

Now, feet and waist. Fold and iron. 
That means now zigzag edge.  So, fold first about
 1cm, iron, then sew.

Now, make another fold, this time a bit bigger.  There should be enough
space for the elastic that you will put in.  Then iron and then sew.

When sewing, leave about a 1cm opening to introduce
the elastic.  You do this same process on both feet and the waist.

 This is how the pants look with sewed top and feet.

Now cut 3 pieces of elastic.  2 shorter for the feet, 1 longer for the waist.

Now, the last step.  With help of a safety pin, introduce the elastic
into the openings and tie together.  

I am so sorry if the instructions are confusing.  Please feel free to ask if any doubts.  I will try to help as much as I can manage.  Also, please note, I DON'T HAVE ANY TECHNIQUE, I learned this on my own, so, my instructions are probably not very correct, but they work for me :D

Good luck!


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