Friday, May 4, 2012


Olivia's new favourite place to be.

 First of all, what is this??? I don't like the new look of blogger, I was very comfortable with the older version.  That I found it just today means that I haven't updated the blog in a very long time.  For that I'm sorry but I have been very busy these last couple of weeks.  In a nutshell, Jonas' paternity leave ended around six weeks ago and I became a full time student again.  We have no kindergarden yet so we have been juggling with time.  So that I could work at school, Jonas took two weeks vacation distributed in two days a week until the end of my semester and my mother in law took one afternoon a day so that I could go to school two and a half days a week, the rest, Olivia either comes with me or I just can't work.  But, it all worked out until the end.  Last week we had our exhibition, which marks the end of the school year.  We had to present a preview of what we would be working on for the rest of our MA, or at least what we had been working on the past year.  It was a lot of work, especially with Olivia along  since I can't really give 100% when she's there (she is great by the way, very patient and charming with everyone).  It made me respect EVEN MORE single parents (how do they manage!?!?!?!?).  Up and down, back and forth, up four floors of stairs with Olivia on my back.  A lot of fun, but, exhausting!

In the end, the exhibition was ready last Friday, we had our opening and a group critique on Monday and I can say: I MADE IT through the semester with Olivia along!  I'm pretty proud of myself but I am definately looking forward to having a kindergarden and being able to focus on my work.

On top of all that, we've been trying to sell our apartment, getting it ready, cleaning, painting, redesigning and packing away almost half of our things so that it would look good on pictures and on the catalog.  We finally had the "open house" on Wednesday. On Thursday we were waiting to hear if someone was interested.  It was nerve-wreking!  It almost seemed until very late at night that nobody wanted to give what we were asking for and that we might have to go through yet another open house.  But at 9:30 pm we got a call from our realter and he said that he managed to get us a good price and then, all of a sudden, our apartment was sold.  SOLD!   On June 9th, we will move to our new place, and in June 15th, this beautiful apartment in the best possible neighborhood in Bergen will belong to someone else.  But although it is sad to leave a place that we love so much and the place that I have called my home for the last five years, it is very exiting to think of our new house.  The house where Olivia will grow up and where we will make new stories and make it our own.  And of course, ALL THE SPACE that we will have!  I can't wait!

We welcome the summer with open arms and will enjoy the rest of the spring in this apartment that we love so, so dearly.  Lots of grilling, sitting on the balcony, enjoying the garden and going for walks around the neighborhood.   I can't complaint!


  1. Que nostalgia..recuerdo que en la epoca en que estaban muy chiquitos ustedes, tuve que mudarme unas 5 veces , y era muy enocionante pero muy cansado ya que no tenía ayuda, y siempre me daba nostalgia dejar mi hogar, pero pasaba todo un dia trabajando hasta altas horas de la noche, acomodando de primero la cocina y los closets , arreglando las camas y algo que no podía evitar era poner los adornos y pinturas.
    Me acostaba exausta...pero al siguiente dia, cuando amanecia y se iluminaba la nueva casa...automaticamente me enamoraba de nuestro nuevo hogar...Los felicito por la venta y por ser tan lindos

  2. Oh Daniela, Tuvimos uuna persona aqui mirando nuestro depto para valorizarlo para un posible venta pero mientras estaba acá me dio angustia y dije que no creo que lo vendamos. Demasiado memorias, 6 años de la vida mas emocional hasta ahora. Parece que es mas facil cuando saben a donde van. Me encantaria venir a visitarlos en su nueva casa!

    1. Siempre bienvenidos cuando quieran!!!!!!! Vengan!!!