Wednesday, May 23, 2012


New saldals!

At 10:43 pm a couple of nights ago.

The sun is shining in Bergen, so you'll forgive me if I don't blog these days as much.  Anyways, not that we have had the chance to enjoy it so much because Olivia has the flu.  She is getting out of it now, luckily, but we've had some rough days and nights.

I blame it on the lack of boob!  (But that is just me being silly).  I have stopped nursing, it just stopped naturally.  It happened a bit after Olivia's first birthday.  I miss it a lot, but we are embracing this new stage in her life.  

She is almost walking, babbling a lot and imitating a lot as well.  
So life is good.  I am done with my semester and have a long summer vacation ahead.  We will be moving into our new home in only a couple of weeks and we are enjoying these amazing days of summer.  Afternoons in the balcony, drinking a beer with Jonas after a long day, endless light, priceless.  And, that is exactly where I am headed right now.  To the balcony, with my husband while he grills some burgers and we have a cold beer.  On a WEDNESDAY!

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  1. Que bueno que estan disfrutando tanto,hace casi un año que estuve por allá!!! que nostalgia de esos maravillosos dias con mi adorada familia noruega, como recuerdo todo ese tiempo con Olivia pequeñita y ustedes haciendome tan feliz!!! Gugis ya es toda una niñita preciosa mirandose sus nuevas sandalias y agarrandose la orejita, mi preciosa princesita... no sabia que ya no le estas dando pecho...pero ya fue suficiente para hacerla fuerte y sana :) los amo mucho y estoy alla con ustedes en cada instante de mi vida...