Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How motherhood has changed me.

Sorry for the quality of the video but it was as spontaneous as it gets!

It's been quite a year, I don't get tired of saying it.  Everyday I realize how becoming a mother has changed me.  How I feel like a much stronger person.  How it isn't all about me anymore.  How nothing is more important than how happy Olivia makes me.
I have had a rough week.  I had a tough critique in my last exhibition.  Right after, I questioned everything I had done for the last part of my studies.  Then on Monday, I went and defended my work, and managed to change some peoples minds and also get some positive feedback.  It made me feel strong and confident, and made me punch myself on the arm and remember to trust my instincts.  For some reason, things that get me down, like a tough critique on my work, fade away quickly, become not as important and permit me to focus on making them better.  I think the reason is that I have become a more confident person, a stronger woman.  My daughter has made me a stronger woman.  I thank her for that. 

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