Sunday, May 13, 2012


Olivia and I went on a trip to Oslo to visit Nicca, Iben and Olav.  It was so much fun to see the girls "play" together.  In a way they did, they had their own communication and interaction.  I think they will really enjoy each other as time passes.  They already do!  Even though Iben is mostly frustrated that she can't move as much as Olivia and Olivia is mostly frustrated that she can't grab Iben harder!  They smile to each other, make sweet noises and imitate each others moves.  It's very cool to see how two little girls, that are completely different, develop!  Every single child has his or her own needs and the tricks that work with one might not work with the other.  It is amazing to see how their personalities are so clear from the beginning and how they know sort of what they want from so young.  These two are truly amazing.  Easy going, sweet, smart, happy, funny little girls! 

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  1. Estas fotos son de antología...marcaráa la pauta y serán como una muestra de la dinamica de estas dos chicas maravillosas durante (por lo menos) su niñez.Ellas son como dos pedazos de cielo que aterrizaron en Noruega y solo dan sonrisas y dulzura.
    Son Divinas y seran una yunta muy fuerte...pareces dos duendes....ADORO,(como dice Vanna)