Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here I go again!

Hi!  Here I am, once again, starting a new blog.  I've had two so far.  But didn't go to far with them.  One was (still is, but it's on vacation) "I want it all, so what?" , the other was more of a family blog for the baby's wishlist (see, my mother was organizing a babyshower in Costa Rica for Jonas and I, so, since we (I) can be quite picky, we decided to make a blog with things we really needed and wanted (especially since traveling from Costa Rica to Norway with a bunch of unnecessary things can be quite a hassle and quite expensive!

Anyways, I want it all, so what? was stressing me out! I stopped it once I learned I was pregnant because I didn't want to become a "mommy-blogger" and "mommy things" was where my mind was at the moment, so, I guess I just decided to give it some time until I became my normal self again.  It's been six months since we found out, I'm almost six weeks away from my due date and I am worse than ever in the mommy mode.  I see so many cool and inspirational things every day!  I decided I will just go with the flow, post a bit of everything and accept my "mommy" mode openly.  Maybe someone will find it inspiring as well.

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