Friday, February 18, 2011

In search of a cool baby pants tutorial!

There is a very nice baby blog that I read called Unrully Little Things, she posts the coolest baby things and makes me druel like an idiot.  The latest post was about a french store with the most amazing (and expensive) kids clothes, MakiĆ©.  I found many things there, but these baby bloomers and knickers reaaaaally cought my eye.

Then I figured: This should be easy to make!  With the right fabric and the right pattern, I can have them!!!!!  So now, I am on the search of a sewing pattern to make some baby pants or baby bloomers!  Any suggestions???

My mother in law has managed to copy a pair of "Harem pants" we got from my beautiful friend Melina this Christmas, but they are not quite the same.  And since my sewing skills are on level 1 (I can make very nice pillow cases!), the eye for patterning myself is not very well developed yet.  Any help of tips are welcome!!! :D 

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