Friday, March 9, 2012

Why bother?

Småfolk chicken caserole (empty in 3 minutes) vs. Slow roasted pumpkin soup (untouched)

Now matter how delicious the food I make for Olivia is, she still prefers Småfolk prepared ones.  Yuk!  But then again.  At least they are healthy, made with canola oil, veggies and meat.  At least she eats that! (And ofcourse, banana, strawberries and oatmeal cereal). 

Why bother? Because I want her to learn to eat everything.  I don't want her to be picky.  Because at least, she should try everything before saying "I don't like it".  

Baby food: a big challenge.  One day she loves something, the next day she hates it.  But, anyways, I will keep on cooking for her, giving her things to try and have the stash of Småfolk prepared food in the back in case nothing else works!

Thoughts? Tips to share? All welcome!


  1. Kan jo ikke la være å svare på dette når hjemmelaget mat er min kjepphest ;-)

    Har lest at små barn kanskje må smake en ting opptil 10 ganger før de liker det, så det er bra du ikke gir opp :-)

    Jeg synes mye av de barnematglassene er litt kjipe, jeg. I smaken altså. Selv ville jeg laget mat med hvitløk og urter for å gi mer smak til det. Ellers er frukt i middagen ikke så dumt, det gir litt søtsmak, og det liker jo de små. Koke eple sammen med biffkjøtt og grønnsaker, eller lage en gryte med kylling, ananas og litt mer. Sjekk ut - der er det mange fine oppskrifter til småttisene :)

    1. Thank you so much for all your tips! They are all very helpful! Sorry for taking so long answering! It's been a bit hectic around here. But, I agree, I am all for seasoning ans using different spices, believe me, making food and using natural ingredients and making things from scratch is also a passion of mine. So, I do try my best, but this baby has terrible taste in food if you ask me, hahaha ;)

  2. Pues me parece una magnífica política de tu parte.
    Ella debe probar de todo y creo que con el tiempo, el sentido del gusto se le terminará de afinar y disfrutaá mas de ciertos alimentos.
    Otra cosa es que aun no tuene dientes para mastidar y eso hace una gran diferencia a la hora de disfrutar realmente algunas comidas.
    Está hermosisima y sanita, y cada dia mas "pilas" entonces todo está bien.
    Cuando vos tenías esa edad, no te gustaba nada...solo leche...y era una batalla que probaras las cosas, y me preocupé mucho por eso, igual cuando yo fui niña solo comia frutas y panes hasta como los 8 años...nada pasa...las amo