Friday, March 16, 2012

11 months.

Olivia is 11 months today.  She is so big and so active and so lovely all at once.  She is unstoppable too, and stubborn and determined!  She has developed a big interest in Rafa, and everything that surrounds Rafa is THE BEST.  She wants to share all her toys and food with him, which confuses him (the poor thing) because he doesn't have permission to take her toys or her food, but she keeps offering!!  So, this doggy is getting a bit stressed but I see their friendship is growing.

This past month we have noticed how much and how fast she has grown.  She is so communicative and understands so much more than we think.  She wants to be involved, decide for herself (like "no, right now I actually want this toy, not that one").  

Anyways, it's a handful, she wears us out (all three of us, because poor Rafa also suffers from the bouncy child, sometimes he even hides in his little house to get some sleep during the day) and it's a lot of fun.

Olivia is the most amazing, beautiful, sweet, funny, smart little thing and we are more in love with her every day and every second that passes.

Ps: oh, and she has stinky feet!!!! hahahaha
Pss: she can say "Hola!" and "Nei! (which means No!, shaking her hed at the same time)
Psss: She dances and claps and likes Shaun the sheep! 

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