Saturday, March 31, 2012

The first ugly fall and other events.

Today Olivia had her first big fall and has the scars to prove it.  I am sure it is the first of many to come, but I would personally put a permanent helmet on her until she knows how to walk! It is aweful!!!!! I hate it!  But, it is nothing, just a scratch and up again!  She was very good and recovered fairly quickly after we played some Shaun the Sheep.
The rest of our days have been quite lovely.  I love being back to school.  I love even better to come back home and find Olivia giving me her biggest smile and then cuddling with me for a long while because she has missed me.  That is my favourite part of the day!  I live for these moments.
Spring is officially here.  And April is quickly showing it's nose.  Last night it snowed, but today it was sunny and bright and crisp, perfect for walks in the sunny chilly weather.  We have had our first bicycle rides and we have already grilled once!  Next week will be Easter and people usually go to the mountains to ski but we're staying in Bergen to begin to pack and clean and I can also advance with my project while Jonas is with Olivia and we are very happy to stay here and enjoy our apartment a bit longer before we sell it.  Anyways, here are some of the pictures of the last few days.  Happy Easter!

happy days together in the apartment, crawling around the floor
with pappa, first real day of spring sitting in the terrace taking in the sun

first bike ride, bad helmet situation (we need a proper/right size helmet by the way)

hmmmm, skeptic.

con mamá

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  1. Que linda familia...definitivamente los tres son felices!!!estan hermosos !!!
    tuve la pena de casi presenciar este primer porrazo, ya que nos conectamos ese dia cuando acababa de suceder y vi las lágrimas de mi princesa correr por sus cacheticos rosados, casi me voy para Bergen!!! dentro de dos semanas ya Olivia tendra un añito AAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! esta creciendo muy rápido,,,