Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Olivia will be 10 months in only 2 days!

Today is our last day in Costa Rica, tomorrow at 7am, we'll be on a plane on our way to Norway.  Back home to our beds.
We will be there the 16th, so, I write this post today, before I forget to post on time for Olivia's "monthday".


We love you with all of our hearts.   Everyone that meets you just melts on how nice and easygoing you are.  You are just fun to be around and we love to spend every minute of our days with you.  When you are sleeping, we miss you!!  (Although we also enjoy the time off).
No teeth yet! But they will come soon!  And they will be strong and great to chew all you want (except for mommy's boobies).
Happy almost 10 months!



  1. Å vi gleder oss til dere kommer hjem. Olivia er blitt så stor!!! Og så mye hår! Vakre barnet!!!