Saturday, February 25, 2012

Costa Rica in a nutshell.

helping us pack

beans and avocado, great success!

thirsty and hot

morning with the grandmother


mornings with mamma and Ozzy (and Frida somewhere on the floor)


mornings with Tío Memo

and lots of love to grandma

swimming lessons, not as much fun

hated every minute of it

new dress made by grandma

travelling by car to the beach

meet the cousins <3

with grandpa

Playa y Faro Escondido

Farmor & Farfar came to visit

with Farmor

Pappa & Farfar


looking at the sea

Santa Teresa y Malpais


Santa Teresa perfection

nursing in a hammac

no sunglasses!

both grandmothers at once! One lucky girl.

a friend

with the great grandmother "Biche"

abuelito Memo


  1. Esa foto sentadita en la playa, es de morirsr!!!!! bueno todas estan bellísimas, pero esa la te olvidó dejarmelas demontres!!!!jajajaja