Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Costa Rica so far.

This has been truly a memorable month.  Coming to Costa Rica is always a bit of a roller-coaster ride.  Lot's of family visits, lots of family time, beach, mountain, hugs, fights, laughs, tears, everything, almost all at once.
Sometimes it's too much to take because all of these emotions are concentrated, but at the same time, it is the old place that I call home.  It's where I grew up.  I know the smells, the roads, the people, the talk.  It's where I feel most me and also, where I confront myself.
Anyways, it has been a treat to look at my country through the eyes of Olivia.  To teach her and show her what is is like to be from here.  I want her to feel that this is her country as much as it is mine.  That she belongs here as much as she belongs to Norway.  That she is Latin and has native blood in her, and that is something to be very proud of.  That is where we come from. 
It was amazing to see her playing in the sand in Santa Teresa, screaming at the ocean completely scared, because it is overwhelming and we take that for granted, it is so funny to see her eat the mangoes and squeeze them to get all the juice from them just as we did when we were kids.  To see her sleep on her bed just with a diaper because it's warm enough.  To hear her imitate the red macaws and howling monkeys.  Everything has been amazing so far.  We still have 10 days to go and we will savor every bit.

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