Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 So we've officially started with solids.  She looooove's sweet potatoes!  For a week we experimented with a very "watery" mix of sweet potato, rice and oatmeal porridge and mommy-milk.  It went well for the whole week, she seemed as she couldn't get enough and got very upset when her 1-2 teaspoons where over.  Then, she got sick in the stomach during the weekend, so we thought it might have been the solids we were introducing.  She's OK now, but of course, us new parents were freaking out a little bit.  Anyways, I am very happy I have a daughter that likes to try new things and isn't afraid of new tastes.  I hope it stays that way!  
Do you have any recommendations for first solid foods for the kids? I would love to hear suggestions.


  1. OMG, she is so freakin cute! We are planning to start solids at 6 months (in 3 weeks)...it freaks me out. I'm taking a workshop on the subject in 2 weeks. My friend told me that sweet potato is a winner with most babies :)

  2. Claudia: Oooh, it's a lot of fun, it's so cool to see how she wants to help and how she is surprised by the new flavor. It is just great! So you have something to look forward to :)