Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I thought I would never, ever use such a method, but different babies require different things, so, here is another lesson learned on how things not always go as planned.
Yesterday we started applying the Ferber method on Olivia's sleep routine.  I cried as much as she did next to the door, but 25 minutes later, she was fast asleep, from 8pm to 7am this morning!!!!!!! I came to her room to pick her up an she was as happy as usual, so, we'll keep on trying it because Olivia is a happier baby when she's well rested and we are better parents when we have slept too.

Ps:  I tried this again today for her afternoon nap.  It took 15 minutes and is wasn't nearly as dramatic as the night before.  She cried a bit, whined a bit, but fell asleep on her own.  I am starting to like this Ferber guy!  


  1. So true! Babies have their own little personality and need different things. I'm so happy that it worked for you. I would also have cried with you for 25 minutes. And wow, 11 hours, this is pretty cool!

  2. Oh God! Day 2. Ferberizing as we speak! It's heartbraking! Jonas has taken over the visits because I can't see her cry... :( It is less intense today though. We'll see how much I can stand it! My baby!
    (they say it takes about a week...)