Thursday, June 7, 2012

A House

So, this blog has been asleep for a while.  I have tried to make several come backs with no true intention of following through.  I guess my mind has been more into my other blog "Becoming one of those..." because my daughter is my main focus these days and I have been placing the rest of my focus on school, so, this blog, which started as a playground or a collection of things I wanted and liked, became forgotten, oh, and of course, I found Pinterest, where I have been collecting EVERYTHING I find cool on the web.  Anyways, now the time has come for a new life project, and I think this is the best place to organize and comment and archive my ideas.  I am assuming Jonas wont be on board of ALL of the things that I want to do in this new house, but, at least here I can have some inspiration.  

I am looking forward to starting fresh with a white canvas!  A house is a house, now, it's our job to make it our home, and that comes with the details!  I know for sure that there are some things that Jonas and I agree on, for example, we really like neutral colors as a base, and adding pops of color on here and there.  We like materials such as wool, linen, cotton, leather, glass, plants, fibers, metal.  We like light! We like vintage furniture and we appreciate good design.  And art, of course.  And we like balance.  So, this time around, simple will be definitely better.  We have come to realize, that after removing half of our things to sell this apartment, we liked it soooo much better, so, we will start with what we have, remove what we are not in love with and start that way.  Then fill out the gaps as we go.  But first, we do have some issues to address ASAP such as:

My God! Why would you do that to a house???  WHO IN THE WORLD LIKES THESE WALLPAPERS????? They have to go.  Go as soon as we arrive!  But, not before taking some fun pictures at the "beach" first.  
Anyways, I love that these wallpapers are there, because it makes me "attack" them soon enough to see results.  Oh, and these too:

"Discotheque" closet doors!!!  Those will also go as soon as possible.  

So there, here we are, only two days away from the big move.  Enjoying our little apartment that has see us grow into a family of two, then three and now four!  Jonas, Olivia, Rafa and me! 
We will miss this place, and especially the neighborhood.  But, we are looking forward to new adventures and I can hardly wait to start.

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