Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The birthday partieS!

We had two parties.  One on Saturday and one on Sunday.  On both we have lots of lovely friends and family, we had a very nice time, ate cake and opened presents.  We said that since Olivia already had everything she needed we would like people to give her a little something for an 18 year old girl instead, then we would pack everything and give her today on her 18th birthday.  It was so much fun!  People got very creative and got her all kinds of funny and very cool things!  She got magazines from these days, very nice books, a New York map, a hammer and a level (it is around this age that kids move into their first apartments), fun jewelry and accessories, a bottle of wine, an olive tree (that we promise to try to keep alive for the next 17 years), anyways, everything was so nice and I can't wait to see what she thinks when she grows up.  We are going to pack it all again with the newspaper from the 16th of April.  Anyways, it couldn't have gone better.  Homemade cake, homemade food, lovely company and a happy baby. 


  1. what an AMAZING idea for the presents!! I want to copy you.....not sure the second birthday will go quite so smoothly though, he might notice stuff by then....

    1. We stole the idea from someone else! The trick is to get them a few things for now, just to deviate the other presents that he'll open when he's all grown up :) It was so-much-fun!!!! Do it!! :) (Can you believe it's been 7 years!?!?)