Wednesday, November 16, 2011

7 months.

Olivia turns 7 months today.  So much has happened.  I get amazed when I look back on what she has achieved in such a short period of time.  Short for me, a lifetime for her.  Seven months for me is just a sneeze.  For her is all she knows. 
Today I talked to one of my best friends, Eugenia.  She lives in Mexico now, but when I lived in Costa Rica, we used to share an apartment and dream about what the future would bring.  We both followed very different paths; I got married and moved to Norway, started studying Arts and just settled in what would be my new life.   She was a bit more active, had some exiting-full of surprises years where she traveled and just followed her impulses.  Followed her instincts and did what her heart told her.   Now, she found the man she loves and is expecting her first child.  We are, after many years, on the same page again.  I found myself telling her about how it is to give birth and parent a newborn.  About what we went through, as if it was so long ago and so distant because I have a big baby now.  An no, it wasn't that long ago, it was just a few months ago.  But it seems like a lifetime, because my baby grows so much each day.  She has all this to look forward to and it is all so exiting!
It is true.  It all goes very fast.  It is magical and beautiful and everything you hear.  Despite the sleepless nights and tummy aches.  It is, by far, the best thing I have ever done in my life, and I get reminded of that every single day.

Video taken today.  It's just sweet, and I know most won't get it,
but she is interacting so much more!!!!!

Ps.  I became an aunt almost a week ago! Olivia has a little cousin, Iben!  My beautiful sister in law Nicca did great and is doing great too.  Having fun and enjoying every minute of the babymoon together with the happy dad, Olav.  We love her so much already and we are very exited to meet her soon. 

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  1. Que lindo ver a Gugis tan vacilona!!! ya se comunica y hace gracias...como pasa el tiempo..solo espero tenerlos por acá muy pronto!!!
    Felices siete meses preciosura, te amo mucho!!!
    Un besote para los tres y otro para Nicca Olav e Iben..ya la vi ...está bellisima!!!!